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A golden visa is a permanent residency visa* issued to individuals who invest through the purchase of property, a specific sum of money into the issuing country.


*Permanent residency is a person’s residential status in a country of which they are not citizens.

In 2013 Greece launched the most competitive Golden Visa process on the market. Their visa program grants five year residency visa to the purchaser and their family in return for a real estate investment of €250,000. After which period the visa holders are entitled to re-apply for a further 5 year residency and in the 7th year a Greek passport.

Contact Golden Visa Experts who will discuss your investment needs and provide you wide range of real-estate choices and investment opportunities throughout Greece, providing you with full transparent due-diligences.  Our legal team will ensure the thorough checking of titles.


Assign Golden Visa Experts as a proxy to act on your behalf, managing the whole purchasing and application process.  Purchase a property and have the Golden Visa Experts manage the transfer of monies and the drafting of contracts with a notary etc.

Golden Visa Experts will complete the entire application on your behalf ensuring all requirements of the application are met.  This includes


  • Valid copy of passport
  • Three recent photographs of purchaser
  • Contract to purchase with minimum value
  • Transfer certificate (of title deed) from the Land Registry
  • Residence Permit and Application fee.
  • Hospital and medical insurances
  • An Interpol check- police check

Yes, all you need is to make one trip and all the necessary requirements can be made during this time.

Greece does not require visa’s if you carry passports from the following countries:

Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Barbados, Bahamas, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Savador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, South Korea, Seychelles, Singapore and San Marino, U.S.A, Uruguay, Vatican city and Venezuela.

Are there any additional fees other than the ones relating to the property purchase? This is an approximate price guide of the process which is subject to change


Purchase Price: From €250,000

Government Stamp Duties: 3% of purchase price

V.A.T- (Value added Tax like GST): 24% of the purchase price for properties approved/built before 2006. 

V.A.T exempt for properties built and completed after 2006.

Search and Lodgement Fees: From €1,500

Notary Fees: Up to 1.5% of purchase price

Personal Health Insurances

Golden Visa Application Fee: €2000

Solicitor Fees: Confirmed on investment engagement

Consulting Fees: Confirmed on investment engagement

You will receive a blue certificate which is a  temporary 1 year provisional residency permit which enables you to reside legally in the country for 1 year, entitling you to the same benefits as the final permit.

The property purchase needs to be made prior to the visa application being submitted.  From that point it should then take up to 40 days for that application to be assessed and issued.  However this timing is subject of applications at any one time.

From that point it should then take up to 90 days for that application to be assessed and issued.  However this timing is subject to the volume of applications being processed at any one time.

Only spouses can share and jointly own an investment property to the value of  €250,000. If two families are interested in co-owning a property, their investment obligation needs to be a minimum of €250,000 for each family, so the property purchased needs to be a minimum value of €500,000.

Yes, any number of properties can be combined to make up the €250,000 minimum investment for a single purchaser.

Both parents and the parents of both spouses as well as all dependent children up to age 21, unless they are studying, in which case they are permitted to extend up to the age of 24.

All property owners must file an annual tax return and pay the appropriate yearly property tax. We have a registered tax agent available to assist with all returns.

Permanent residency allows the applicant to live in Greece, start a business in Greece and work within your own business.

After 7 years of owning a Golden Visa through the ownership of property you have the option to apply for a passport.

If a resident sells the property to another non-EU citizen, the Greek residency becomes transferable to the new investor as long as the qualify within the requirements of the Golden Visa program.

You can travel freely with your passport and the resident permit, to all countries that form the E.U and the Schengen Zone. You will not have to travel through Greece first. Add Schengen zone hyperlink.